Our Promise to You...

We will provide a future of great opportunity while instilling values and compassion. Most importantly, our child will be loved and encouraged to explore this world with confidence and a sense of humor. From toddler through college, we will encourage free thinking and creativity while protecting and and nurturing.

We make a solemn promise to offer safety and love in a home of endless opportunities. We will also ensure that our child always understands where they came from and the love that brought our family together.

Tim Frendak & Alan Smith

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Things I Love About Alan... by Tim

Alan is the type of person that everyone goes to for advice and wants to be around. He is a genuinely honest and caring person and in all the years we have been together I have never met anyone who didn’t instantly love him. He has a sense of adventure and optimism that is unstoppable and always gives 110%. But more than that, he is compassionate, loving and patient. He will be a great dad and I am very lucky to have him in my life.

Things I Love About Tim... by Alan

Tim is much more than my life partner, he’s my best friend. He freely shares his knowledge and life experiences, which has given me a perspective about my life and our life together. Through his love, support and guidance, he’s helped me have a successful career. I love his passion and caring for animals and nature. He’s going to be the kind of dad who takes time to teach his children about many things, including culture and diversity. I know he will inspire them to “Reach For The Stars”.