We both come from very loving families who have blended into one. Besides our two small dogs (Avery and DaVinci), and one cat (Lukas), our family centers around our three nieces and nephew (pictured here) who sometimes spend the entire summer with us, swimming in the pool, putting on dress-up shows, and running around the yard with our dogs. Whether it is an Easter Egg Hunt, baking cookies, making crafts or a trip to an amusement park, we always cherish our time with them.

At Christmas, we decorate every inch of the house and can already see our child taking the ornaments off the tree to use as fetch balls with the dogs! Alan’s mom, better known as “Nanny”, is looking forward to weekend slumber parties, church outings, or just playing cards with her new grandchild. Tim’s mom, “Grandma”, loves to cook and we go there once a week for dinner. She will be certain to share her best recipes. Tim’s dad, “Grandpa”, will be eager to help them build things, sometimes not pretty things, but nonetheless, “fun things”, in the garage.

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